40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With the King Day 7 

Dear Reader,  

It’s storming here tonight in Wisconsin. Ever since I was a small child I’ve been afraid of these summer storms. I remember being glued to the old television in the basement as I watched the meteorologists forecast which way the storms were headed and praying to Jesus to keep us all safe. Those were my real and desperate prayers. As a young child those prayers were as real they got. I was in trouble, something dangerous was coming, and even then I knew Jesus could save me. He calms the storms of life. If the prayers you are lifting to Him over the course of these 40 days are prayers rooted in fear, know that Jesus hears you. Know that the Father gives you His ear. I admit that I think almost all of my prayers stem from a level of fear. Some of those fears are that my plans will never happen, or because I’m scared of harm coming to my loved ones, or because I feel like things are beyond my control. Jesus wants us to come to Him with all of our fears, but He also wants us to lay those fears down at His feet. It’s human to feel fear, but it’s miraculous to feel Jesus lift those fears away. Prayer is our powerful connection to the King of Heaven who even the wind and waves obey. He is our calm and our peace when all the world is in turmoil. Keep those honest prayers flowing. He hears every one of them. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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