40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With the King Day 8

Dear Reader, 

Tonight was all about fireflies and sunsets and my lilies standing out against the darkening warm summer sky. The storm from last night left much work for today, but what I usually find is that after a day of working in the Lord’s creation comes an evening full of rest and contemplation. So many nights I have prayed for my storms to pass. I’ve prayed for Jesus to instantly and miraculously calm them. But when I ask for these things, I neglect to realize that God’s power is often seen gloriously on display in the midst of those storms and His peace is felt mercifully and graciously afterwards. There is an ebb and flow to this life. With a broken world comes broken prayers. But, Jesus knows what we mean and what we need behind each uttered word. He knows the best way to answer us. Prayer is about giving it all to God and watching Him bring Grace to every situation. There is power in the name of Jesus. We do not call on Him in vain. He answers each prayer in His perfect timing and with His perfect wisdom. Love is at the heart of all He does for us. Love for the Father, love for the world, and love for you. Tonight trust what He will do with your prayers. Give it all to Jesus and rest in His answer. Not everything is a clear cut yes or no. Deep down we know that to be true even in this physical world. There’s more to every answer, just like there is more behind every prayer we utter. There is a back story and a future up ahead. And God knows how to tie it all together beautifully. Trust Him, even with your storms. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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