40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Day 10

Dear Reader, 

Last night, the Sugar River flooded over. It spilled out across the already submerged corn fields and tumbled out across the highway we take home. It has felt like this tiny corner of Wisconsin we live in can’t seem to catch a break, can’t seem to have a moment to breathe and prepare before the next storm comes rolling thunderously in. But God has protected us and last night He showed me how He protects even the least of these. 

My husband was on His way home last night and I could hear the low growl of yet another summer storm heading toward us. I was praying over our little town and for safety for my husband as I was hanging up some new curtains. All of a sudden I looked down below the curtain rod and spotted a tiny chipmunk staring up at me from the window well below. He was clearly hurt and afraid. I tried so hard to get him out before the storm but couldn’t bring myself to crawl down into that spider filled window well. My husband came home just as the flash flood started and he quickly ran out and scooped up this poor little creature with the broken leg and brought him into the garage for the night. This morning we took him to a wildlife rescue where he will be rehabilitated. And I thought to myself, if I hadn’t happened to be working on this window that I hardly ever look out of on exactly this day, that little chipmunk might have died down there.

 I felt like God was showing me how prayer works. I prayed for safety for my little town but I didn’t know exactly what that looked like. God knew it looked like saving this tiny creature He had created. God knew that I couldn’t save him on my own, and so at exactly the right moment He sent my husband along to do what I couldn’t…or rather what I wouldn’t. 

God calms storms, but sometimes He simply chooses to rescue us from them instead, even while the clouds are still churning and the water is still rising. He provides us a safe haven, like He used us to do for this little animal last night. Nothing and no one is too small for Him. We might pray things without fully knowing what an answer to those prayers will look like, but God sees the whole picture. Keep praying my friends, and watch as God unfolds His Grace.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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