40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Day 16 

Dear Reader, 

Prayer doesn’t just lift our voice to Heaven. It changes us. When I know I’m going to talk to God about life, it changes how I do life. Prayer is a constant reminder that God is present, and so the encouragement and the power and the strength He grants me while I fold or lift my hands to Him in worship, carries into all the cracks and crevices of my life. His Spirit is Living Water for our souls and as all water does, it trickles and flows and bubbles up into the dry places of our lives. To know Him is to love Him. Because His Goodness begins to pour out into our daily life the closer and closer we get to Him. It doesn’t mean we get everything we have ever wanted. It means instead that we begin to see and understand and comprehend all the Good that HE has planned for us. Surrender is really Grace. We give Him our brokenness and He gives us Life. We give Him our sinful selves and He gives us His robe of Life. We bring to the table darkness, and He fills us instead with Light. He is the Light in our dark days, our strength when we are weak, our ever present Father. Prayer opens this all up for us. It lets us see our Father as He truly is, and calls us to take a closer look at who we truly are. There is Redemptive Grace at work here. He can bring us full Restoration through our time in the throne room with Him. Bringing our real lives to the feet of our Father is like remembering that we aren’t truly home until we’re with Him. The only place we will find full acceptance and grace for everything we are and everything we have been is at the side of our Savior who has thrown the doors to His Father’s house and His Father’s heart wide open for us. We are Loved, and because of that, we are heard. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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