40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Days 18 & 19

Dear Reader, 

Yesterday, my phone stopped working. And I was incredibly distraught because I knew I wouldn’t be able to post day 18 for this 40 days of Prayer series. I was mad that I couldn’t keep my word and that I was forced to take an unexpected pause in this journey that I wanted to seamlessly embark on. I was upset that I had to delete almost every single one of my photos that I had so intently taken with purpose and I knew that today’s photo would have to be from whatever was left. This photo happens to be from our trip to Yellowstone and the Badlands which we left on almost a year ago today. It was our anniversary trip, and God showed me the power of His hand and the beauty of His creation. Today I’m feeling conviction about all of my feelings from yesterday. Sure, my post was late. But God still heard my prayers and He still heard yours. God isn’t thrown off by a detour in our plans. He doesn’t think less of us if we feel unorganized and chaotic. He plans on those things happening because He knows we are broken people living in a broken world and He came to be our perfect God because He already knew we had fallen from perfection. Today I’m just thankful that I have a perfect God who covers over all of my imperfections. I’m thankful He still hears my prayers even when I’ve seemingly become lost in my own chaos. Grace is most evident to me when I realize how broken I am and how unable I am to do anything worthwhile on my own. God is the glory maker. He is the beauty bringer. He is the Grace changer. And for all of that I am thankful. If your 40 day prayer plan has been derailed at some point, know that it is still effective and God is still listening. He has enough Grace for all of us imperfect people. He is what makes us beautiful and He is what prayer is all about. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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