40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Day 20 

Dear Reader, 

Today God protected me from something in a really big way. It was one of those situations where something bad still happened but God showed up and allowed the damage to go no further. I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus. Every day before nap time with my nanny kids I sing a song with them I learned at camp when I was a little girl, “All night, all day, Angels watching over me, my Lord”. Today I realized God heard us. I realized that He hears us every single day and every single time we pray. He heard my prayer over these tiny children day after day and today He turned what could have been a devastating accident into an unfortunate inconvenience. God knew the timing of today would come into play and I’m standing here telling you that though someone hit our car today, we all walked away untouched and the car while dented on the outside was perfectly intact on the inside. I’ve never been in an accident before and this one with my tiny little ones in the backseat scared me half to death. But God stood there and guided us. He caused me to slow down to a stop seconds before something worse was coming. And that is Prayer in action my friend. That is God stepping right into everyday life and saying, “bad things might happen, but I tell them to go no further.” God stands between us and death every second of every day. He fights what we can’t see. The Holy Spirit sees and hears and shields and strengthens us even when we aren’t looking and when we don’t notice. “All night, all day, angels watching over me, I pray”. God is Good. Keep praying. Keep singing to Him. He loves us too well to let us fall. Tonight I stand in awe of Him. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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