40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Day 21

Dear Reader, 

Don’t forget to pray around good food with good friends. Don’t forget that God loves community with us because He loves to bring us together over His holy communion. I’ve struggled for years with this. I’ve struggled knowing I loved God but finding it hard to really get to know and trust other people. Sometimes it’s true that certain relationships won’t work out. Some short meetings are meant to change us for the better, to teach us a lesson about loving people anyways. But some people are meant to stay rooted in our lives because God has set a place for them in the table of our hearts and He has set a desire in us to wash feet and serve and in so doing to know one another better. Not everyone will be in your circle of 12, like Jesus had. That’s something I didn’t understand for years. We are to love everyone and really care and really strive to take care of humanity as Jesus so did and as He so loved. But it’s true that there will be people that you must grow with, and lean on, and fully trust with big and small moments of your life. Friends are treasures. They are blessings in what they do and say and in who they are. Pray continually, on your own, but also in communion with people. If you have these special people in your life, I encourage you to keep growing deeper with them. If you don’t have these people yet, I encourage you not to lose hope. God will provide. Keep on praying for communion and close community. I know first hand God can and will answer those prayers. He is faithful and Good and Kind. So today friends, keep praying for and in communion with another and watch as the body of Christ’s church comes alive. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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