40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Days 23 & 24

Dear Reader, 

If you say a word over and over again it sometimes feels as if it loses its meaning. It becomes just a strange sound to the ear without any real identifying purpose behind it. This same thing also sometimes happens when we hear the same message over and over again. We hear the words. We hear the sounds they make. But we’ve stopped letting it saturate our souls and instead allow it to fall limp on our closing ears. We don’t do this intentionally. What happens is that what once seemed extraordinary suddenly becomes ordinary in the context of the repetition. It’s no longer new or fresh. We’ve tired of the sound it makes in our lives and we rest complacent on the truth that what once lit a fire beneath us now simply keeps us lukewarm. God says, His mercies are new every morning. The Joy about Jesus is that there is nothing about Him that becomes stale. Perhaps when our prayers begin to become repetition of sounds and words it is because we’ve stopped entering into the honest conversation God had wanted from us, and started repeating our desires to a point where they no longer feel real. For me, the key to really communing with God is to come with fresh requests and with fresh perspective each day. We might be praying for the same thing over and over, but our circumstances change from day to day. Whether it be slight or major changes, the truth is that no day is ever exactly the same and therefore our prayers, if they are revealing the truth of our daily lives, won’t remain the same either. Each night when I pray “Grow my family” I’m learning that my heart contains different thoughts on that subject than it did the day before. Sometimes my heart feels more open and sometimes it feels painstakingly closed. Each change I need to discuss with God. Only He can bring what my heart needs that day. If what you are praying for these 40 days has started to feel stale and no longer real, ask God for a new perspective on it. Remember His mercies are new every morning. While He stays the same through the ages His mercy and grace and power eternally astounds us. Look for this, and you will find that the repetition of this life suddenly becomes more distinctly eye opening.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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