40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Day 25 

Dear Reader, 

When we pray we often believe that we are inviting God into our lives. The truth about prayer is that it is actually more about us walking into the open arms and the eternal life of our Father. God invites us in. He throws open wide the doorways of His throne room in order to hear us and to greet us as His family. He is our King and yet also our Father. It seems almost silly that I could entertain the thought that God would accept an invitation from little and broken me. But the wonderful truth is that He has given us the ability to accept an invitation from wonderful, astounding, incredible Him. Prayer for us is surrender, but it’s also coming home. It’s dwelling for awhile at the feet of our Father in the warmth of the home He has prepared for us. He is our home. And prayer is a gift that we might know Him better. He speaks to us and strengthens us and gives us peace through it. When we realize that when we pray we are speaking to one who loves us more than anyone else ever could, we are able to grasp its depth and its necessity for our souls. This world will make us homesick with all of its brokenness, but prayer will open wide deeper relationship with our Father. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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