40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Days 26 & 27

Dear Reader, 

We pray because we want God to move and we hope that He will move us too. But sometimes it feels like we pray and nothing moves. Our feet still feel stuck in the ground we wish would be shaken before us, and we feel as if God is silent. Only the truth is that God is at work whether we are tuned into Him or not. There are days when I feel like Prayer has become mechanical, the opposite of what our very Spirit giving God desires it to be. I know that I “should” pray and so I do. I know that God can move and so I request it. But that’s different than believing that what God does through prayer is real and life altering. I dearly desire to throw out my expectations of “should” and “can” when it comes to my relationship with my Father God. He doesn’t work within the confines of the small box of my understanding. His Spirit flows freely apart from my expectations and my desired experiences. God will always do what is Good, whether we understand what that means for us or not. He is the Creator, He is our Father, He is the Almighty, and we can trust everything He does or chooses not to do. His love for you is so great. May we trust His movements, even when we feel stuck within our own expectations of time and space. Our God is eternal and the timelines He so lovingly weaves for us works into that beautiful tapestry of now and beyond. We may want instant answers, but He knows we need something everlasting. He makes everything beautiful in its own time. He is at work making your life beautiful too. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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