40 Days of Prayer: Conversations With The King Days 29 & 30

Dear Reader, 

It’s amazing to me that when I open my eyes wide enough, when I become present to the Living God, I can physically see His Goodness play out in the world around me. I’ve been witness over the last two weeks to a series of answered prayers. Each prayer tying in with another and God intertwining the answers to both beautifully. I prayed for safety for two things, one was for God to watch over my nanny kids which we pray for in song each day I’m with them before their naps, and the other prayer was for safe travels for my sisters and I as we journeyed down to Missouri. Last week my nanny kids and I were driving home when another driver hit my back passenger door head on. God worked a miracle and made certain that we all walked away with not a single scratch. Our car is still not fixed because we are waiting on the other party’s insurance to come through and I have been feeling all kinds of discouragement over this. It is our only car. My sister offered to let us drive her car down to Missouri instead for our girls trip together, and my husband drove our beat up car to work while he was home all week. This morning he texted me as we were on our way home to tell me that he woke to find the car battery had died and he had to ride his bike to the repair shop to get a new replacement battery. Friends, that was God SHOWING UP. My sisters and I are clueless when it comes to fixing cars. If I hadn’t been in that accident I would have driven that car down to St. Louis and the battery would have died who knows where. I had all kinds of anxiety about driving to a place I had never been. God truly spared my heart here. I know this isn’t exactly a lovely worded testimonial today, but it is proof that God hears real life prayers and that He answers them. It is proof that God knows how and when to answer us. Prayers are like a symphony, with all kinds of moving parts, intermissions, and instruments. If you look closely friends, you will see how God is weaving your story. It is a humbling experience and I truly believe it changes how we see Him. Document those answered prayers, friends. Document moments of Grace. Your testimony is a living story that can jump right off the page.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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