Regal Hearts: A Review of Livy Jarmusch’s Thrilling New Kindle Book for Christian Girls


Jane Austen once said, “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”

Livy Jarmusch, the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine for girls and the author of the new Kindle book, Regal Hearts: The Unlikely Story of a Princess, a Popstar, an Amish Girl, and an Average Girl not only understands the wild ride of emotions young women face but also the need for them to find their true worth in God. Her newest book beautifully weaves together dreams, imagination, courage, and faith while at the same time incorporating a vast array of different life experiences for each of her main characters. Each of the girls in this fantastic tale seem to walk such drastically different paths, but what unites their stories is their heritage in the kingdom.

“If you come with me, you will be choosing a path that is unknown and you must trust me at every twist and turn.” Regal Hearts Episode 1

If you are searching for a piece of literature that can captivate a young girl’s mind while at the same time prove to her the courageousness of faith in God, then I highly recommend Regal Hearts by Livy Jarmusch. The author herself is a courageous women’s leader of faith who knows so well the depths and strength of a heart rooted in Christ, and of a young woman’s value rooted in the heart of God. You can learn more about her and her ministry by visiting  This book includes everything I was dreaming of as a young girl; princesses, popstars, Hollywood, and God all wrapped up in one fantastic story. This is the type of literature that is capable of not only captivating the next generation of girls, but also growing it in faith.

This Kindle book is written in a series of 10 Episodes, which is sure to keep its readers on the edge of their seats.

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